«With MyCOCKPIT, my customers can reach me any time»

Ramona Zürcher has been following her passion for hairdressing for nine years, managing her own hair salon in Bern. To help her keep track amidst the chaos of everyday life, the hairstylist uses MyCOCKPIT by localsearch.

So tell us a bit about yourself and your SME.

Hairdressing isn’t just a job for me, it’s my passion. It allows me to work creatively every day and use my cutting and dyeing expertise to provide individualised advice for my customers. I really value direct contact with my customers. Opening my own salon nine years ago was a dream come true for me. My colleague Lara was the perfect addition to ‘Pomphair’, as she loves how unique and varied our profession is just as much as I do.


What’s the secret to your success?

Modern life is often pretty hectic. That’s exactly why our customers appreciate the calm, friendly atmosphere at ‘Pomphair’. There are never more than two of us working, so we always have enough time to advise our customers individually.


How do you use localsearch products?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed time and again that my customers need an online system for booking appointments. They don’t want to have to stick to our opening hours to book their hair appointments. They want an easy way to book that they can access at any time. MyCOCKPIT by localsearch provides the perfect solution. My customers can access the booking system directly via the ‘Pomphair’ website. Myself and my colleague Lara get fewer phone calls during business hours, allowing us to focus all of our attention on our customers. It helps us to fill our appointment book and provide a good service.

Pomphair’s top tips for success

✓ Personal advice tailored to customers’ needs

✓ Individual, creative solutions

✓ Online booking system for appointments allows more time to provide personalised advice and service

✓ Calm, relaxing atmosphere without a telephone constantly ringing at reception