«We use localsearch because we want to extend our reach to people living outside the Emmental»

Together with her husband Thom, Salome Wieland runs an organic farm called ‘Wielandleben’, which provides accommodation and a daily routine for people with disabilities. Her compelling idea attracts visitors who get to enjoy a range of culinary delicacies, all home-made at the farm. ‘Wielandleben’ uses localsearch to raise the business’s profile.

Before you started up the ‘Wielandleben’ farm, you were struggling to recover from a mountain climbing accident.

A climbing accident in 2012 left me unable to continue my career as before. It was a difficult time, but it taught me to focus on the good things, keep looking forward and put all of my positive energy into the business.


How do you use agricultural work on your farm to connect with the community and tourists?

With ‘Wielandleben’, we provide supported living options for people with disabilities, as well as a supervised daily routine. There are accommodation options for visitors and we also organise special events, such as anniversaries and wine receptions. For instance, we host beautiful outdoor marriage ceremonies for people marrying outside rather than in a church. We cater these events with the farm’s own produce. So for example, we’ve expanded our production of pasta, made from our own grains, into another branch of our business.


What role does localsearch play in your business?

We use localsearch because we want to extend our reach to people living outside the Emmental. Then, if we see five-star reviews on local.ch or search.ch, of course it makes a good impression. When people see that, they think ‘yeah, cool I’ll drop by myself sometime’. And anyone who wants to learn more after getting that first impression can visit our homepage. Of course, this ultimately means we gain new customers that we, as a small company, would never have reached otherwise.

Wielandleben’s top tips for success

✓ If you want to gain customers and visitors from beyond your region, you should be visible on national platforms like local.ch and search.ch

✓ Attention to detail is key, not just in your presentation of the shop itself, but in your online content too (e.g. nice photos of the shop, etc.)

✓ If you want to create a good atmosphere for your guests, you also need to value and support your staff