Our videos tell you more about the digital products available from localsearch. Experts also discuss trends in marketing, and Swiss entrepreneurs give insights into their day-to-day business.

MyCAMPAIGNS – professional Facebook campaigns
MyPRESENCE – make sure your business can be found online
MyWEBSITE: a professional website at a fixed price
Garage Blättler relies on MyWEBSITE from localsearch
Lieni’s Insektenschutz relies on MyWEBSITE
Coiffeur Be Hairful uses MyWEBSITE
MyCOCKPIT: the appointment management tool for SMEs
MyCOCKPIT: how it works
Estomed Clinics relies on MyCOCKPIT
Online advertising for SMEs made easy
Thanks to and, AlphaGlas can be found online.
Casa Ferlin restaurant relies on Localina
MyWEBSITE: if you give your all, everybody should know about it
localsearch at Foire du Valais 2016
‘Breakfast for success’ event in Basel
‘Breakfast for success’ event in Lucerne
localsearch – Making a difference in Switzerland together