LOCALINA: reservation tool for restaurants

Keep a constant overview of your reservations. LOCALINA is an easy-to-use electronic reservations book. Receive reservations online through local.ch, your website or Facebook. LOCALINA is available in ‘Light’ or ‘Premium’ configurations.

‘LOCALINA is the best electronic reservation system for a successful restaurant with plenty of bookings. It integrates perfectly into our new homepage and it’s fast, customer-friendly and very easy to use.’

Kaufleuten Restaurant AG

LOCALINA – the reservation system for your restaurant.

Online bookings

Your guests can make a reservation online quickly and easily – at any time of day.

Stay on top of your business

Help with reservations, planning and table allocation. You have more time for your guests.

Your guests advertise for you

Your customers’ ratings appear directly under your directory entry.

Our LOCALINA packages compared


CHF 33 per month


✓ Online reservations (integrated into your own website, local.ch, search.ch and Facebook)

✓ Automatic confirmation emails

✓ Feedback feature for your guests

✓ Entry in the Local Restaurant Guide

✓ Access to reservation data from any device (my.localina.com)

✓ Unlimited email support


CHF 120 per month

+ one-off set-up fee of CHF 200

✓ Online reservations (integrated into your own website, local.ch, search.ch and Facebook)

✓ Automatic confirmation emails

✓ Feedback feature for your guests

✓ Entry in the Local Restaurant Guide

✓ Access to reservation data from any device (my.localina.com)

✓ Unlimited support

Additional Premium features:

✓ Administration of online reservations for unlimited shifts

✓ Reservation book (including iPad app)

✓ Guest database for customer relationship management (CRM)

✓ Online data backup

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Included in the LOCALINA package


Online reservations from LOCALINA work on all devices

Your guests can make their reservations on local.ch, search.ch and in the associated apps. They automatically receive a confirmation email or an SMS message with an address book and calendar entry.

Greater online presence for your restaurant

Thanks to an entry in the ‘Book a table’ section on local.ch, your business can be found more easily by potential guests.

Electronic reservation book

With our reservation book for iPad, you can enter reservations quickly and easily and see which tables are free. This also gives you the flexibility to cater for spontaneous guests. (Function only available with LOCALINA Premium.)

Intelligent guest database

Manage your guest data and make a note of any special requirements that your regular customers may have (e.g. regarding allergies, favourite table). You can also analyse feedback from your guests in order to optimise your service.

Easy to operate

You can use Localina on any device and adapt it to your preferences in just a few steps. The web tool and premium iPad app are self-explanatory and easy to operate.

Technical support included

Should you still be unsure about anything, you can always rely on free support from our customer service team.

Sample customers

 Many industry professionals trust LOCALINA when it comes to electronic reservations and guest management.

‘The LOCALINA app makes it easier to handle daily operations and also makes booking easier for our customers.’

Franz Ferlin, manager of Casa Ferlin

Video: Casa Ferlin restaurant in Zurich relies on Localina


More sample customers

How LOCALINA works

After an initial consultation by telephone and purchasing LOCALINA, you will be given access to the reservation manager my.localina.com.

1. Setting up the reservation manager


You will receive your user name and password in an email.


Go to my.localina.com to adjust the settings for your restaurant.

2. Adding the ‘Reserve’ button


You will receive an email containing the programming code needed to add LOCALINA’s booking function to your website and other online platforms such as your Facebook page.


We’ll automatically set up the reservation button for local.ch and search.ch.


We’ll add your restaurant to the Local Restaurant Guide.

3. Receiving reservations


LOCALINA sends you an email to notify you of new booking requests.


You set the limit for online bookings. Once this limit has been reached, customers will no longer be able to book online.


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