Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the company profile

I would like to update my company profile at How do I do this?

You can change your details in the customer center. Your changes will be approved once the quality standard has been checked. If you cannot make a change yourself, you can use the contact form to tell us what you would like to have changed.

Have you forgotten your password?

You can reset it and create a new password using the ‘I have forgotten my password’ function. If your email address is not registered, please contact us

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Questions regarding renovero

I’m a renovero customer. Why am I receiving my product on an invoice featuring the localsearch logo?

As renovero has been part of localsearch since 2020, we have standardised the invoicing process and now only send you one invoice containing all of your localsearch products. The payment schedule you requested has not changed.


I’m a renovero customer. What has that got to do with localsearch?

localsearch, or Swisscom Directories AG, acquired renovero in spring 2020. However, your contact partner remains renovero. All functions can still be accessed via

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Question regarding address book fraud

I received a doubtful offer from a dubious classified directory provider. How do I proceed?

Companies repeatedly become victims of address book fraud because they do not read the forms they receive accurately. Because if you sign and return these forms without thought, you have unintentionally concluded a contract with costs. Find out here how you should react (Article in German).

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Questions regarding the merger of and

What benefits can customers expect now that and are combined under the umbrella of Swisscom Directories AG?

As a customer, you will receive the optimal service for your needs from a single source. This means you can achieve the maximum advertising reach – i.e. the largest possible number of potential customers. The merger enables us to streamline all of our advice into a single source and minimises the time involved for you as a customer.

I’m now a customer of / What does that mean for me now?

Your personal customer advisor will present products from both platforms to you and offer you something that best meets your needs. As such, in terms of customer care, it doesn’t matter which platform you are a customer of now.


If I make changes to my entry at or, will the changes then also appear on the other platform?


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