Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to billing

My billing address is out of date or incorrect. How can I change this?

If you are charged for our service by Swisscom, please contact Swisscom on the freephone number 0800 800 800. If you received the bill directly from and (Swisscom Directories AG), please email us at

Why don't I receive a combined bill for my advertising and my listings on and/or

Listings are billed for the period 1 January to 31 December, while advertising products are billed at the time your advertising is published.

More questions about billing

The amount stated on my bill for and/or advertising does not tally with the amount on the contract. What is the reason for this?

The prices listed on the contracts are always net prices. VAT is also shown on this bill.

I have a contract for several advertising products. Why don't I receive a bill for the total amount of all my and/or advertising products?

As we bill our services by product and not by contract, you will receive multiple bills. The reason for this is that the publication dates for your products may vary and we bill each product at the time of publication.

The product description for my advertising contains an incorrect address. How can I change this?

The address in the product description relates to the placement of your product (secondary office, branch, etc.) in our directories. This does not necessarily have to be the head office or private address.

Four years ago I signed a three-year contract for ads. The three-year period expired last year. Why have I received a bill for my advertising?

Contracts for ads in our printed directories are not concluded per year but rather per issue. This means that your ad is published in three book issues. The bill you have received is for the third and final issue.

I have received a bill for an advertising product. I do not wish to have this advertising product next year. Do I have to cancel it myself?

As a general rule, contracts are automatically terminated on expiry of the contract term and do not have to be cancelled by you. Advance termination before the expiry of the agreed contract term is only possible in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, please send your cancellation request together with the relevant supporting documentation to Swisscom Directories AG, Customer Services, Förrlibuckstrasse 60/62, P.O. Box, 8021 Zurich

I signed a contract for an advertising product several weeks ago. Why have I only just received the bill?

The bill is only sent once your chosen product has been published in our directories.


Questions regarding the merger of and

What benefits can customers expect now that and are combined under the umbrella of Swisscom Directories AG?

As a customer, you will receive the optimal service for your needs from a single source. This means you can achieve the maximum advertising reach – i.e. the largest possible number of potential customers. The merger enables us to streamline all of our advice into a single source and minimises the time involved for you as a customer.

More questions regarding the merger

Who do and belong to? and are Swisscom Directories AG brands. 69% of Swisscom Directories AG is owned by Swisscom AG and 31% is owned by Tamedia AG.

I am currently a and/or customer. What does this mean for me at this point?

Your personal customer adviser will offer you products from both platforms to provide you with the service that best suits your needs. This means that being a customer of a particular platform will make no difference to the customer support you receive.

Will it involve additional costs or effort for customers to be present on both platforms?

Advertising with and is very simple. Your allocated customer adviser will deal with everything – the merger will create no additional costs for our customers.

When I make changes to my entry on or, will they be carried over onto the other platform?

Yes. If you edit an entry, we will take on these changes across both platforms.

Why are and continuing as separate entities if they have been merged?

Both and are well-established in the market, have their own individual identities and their own users who value the services they provide. This is advantageous for our customers, as it is a simple way to gain access to a wider reach.

As a user of or, what does the merger of the two companies mean for me?

The merger is not expected to affect our users.

I concluded a contract with or in the past. Will this still be valid once and are merged under the umbrella of Swisscom Directories AG in July 2015?

Yes. Contracts concluded previously to this date will remain unaffected by the merger.