Swisscom Directories AG is re-emerging as localsearch

Zurich, October 3rd 2016 – Swisscom Directories AG is using localsearch to create a new company brand with its own logo for its market image. As of now, all products and services of Swisscom Directories AG will be marketed under the brand “localsearch”.  For our customers, this means that their personal advisers will introduce themselves as employees of localsearch in the future. The new brand will have no influence on the platforms and They will remain unchanged under their existing brand names. 

localsearch is the new name for the leading marketing and sales partners of Swiss SMEs. Swisscom Directories AG is thereby creating its own brand and independent logo to market the company’s products and services. Among other things, this includes the information and directory services of and, the printed telephone book (Local Guide) and the website offer for SMEs. “Swisscom Directories AG” will remain the name of the legal entity of the company. Nothing will change in the existing brands “” and “”. They remain as independent platforms with their own brand. The Swisscom Directories AG is using and to run the widest-reaching information and directories services in Switzerland. The newly founded brand localsearch will constitute an umbrella covering both of these services and their marketing.

The new brand localsearch and its customised logo combine elements from “” and “” to create a new, independent presence. As a result it obtains an unmistakable image that stands for excellence in advising, many years of experience, and a strong foothold in the Swiss market, and strengthens the existing bond of trust between the company and its customers.

There will be no changes to the current collaboration between Swisscom Directories AG and its customers other than the change of name. In contrast to what was previously the case, the advisers will now introduce themselves as employees of localsearch.

Logo localsearch

About localsearch

localsearch is the leading marketing and sales partner for Swiss SMEs and, with and, capitalises on the most popular Swiss information and directory service for finding addresses, telephone numbers and extensive company information with ease – on the web, the mobile app and in the printed telephone book (Local Guide). and together record over 7.3 million hits per month from various devices (unique clients) on their online service and more than 42 million visits (number of contacts). The apps from and are some of Switzerland's most popular apps. More information is available at

localsearch, and are Swisscom Directories AG brands, 69% of which is owned by Swisscom and 31% by Tamedia.


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