We make your company visible.

Be present online and get closer to your customers.
Grosse Reichweite.

Extensive reach.

2 out of 3 Swiss use our directory services.
Gefunden werden.

Be found.

We offer two top platforms for double the reach as well as advice from a single source.​
Auf allen Kanälen.

Across all channels.

You can be reached easily across all channels whether you are at home or on the move.​

​Your personal online presence.

Thanks to a simple process, we will provide you with an excellent online presence within just a few weeks. It is our aim to ensure that your customers will find you whenever they are ready to make a purchase decision.
Ihr persönlicher Webauftritt.

The most frequently used directory in Switzerland.

Win new customers and raise awareness of your company. We offer individual advice and show you how you can increase your visibility.
Das meistgenutzte Verzeichnis der Schweiz.
Personal Website

Your own personal and professional website.