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About local.ch & search.ch

local.ch is number 1 in Switzerland for finding telephone numbers and extensive company information with ease.
Whether it's the most popular restaurant or the nearest florist, with local.ch you'll find results quickly, easily and securely.

search.ch is Switzerland's search and information service. In addition to the telephone numbers and addresses of companies and private persons, search.ch is an expert on topics across the board, such as the weather, travel information, and the live search for time and place specific information relevant to your current location.

App installations

Over 5 million smartphone users have installed the local.ch and search.ch mobile apps.

Hits per month

With 7 million hits from different devices, local.ch and search.ch are the most visited Swiss websites.

Search requests

42 million search requests are made on local.ch and search.ch every month.

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Find nearby restaurants and service providers 24/7 with the local.ch mobile app. Value adding features include business ratings and restaurant reservations, among others.
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search.ch App

With the location-based Live Search, search.ch provides useful information about restaurants, pharmacies, timetables, the weather, car parks, and also petrol stations and cash machines, all chosen for the particular place you are at.
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