Collect ratings with the feedback box

Company entries on can be rated using stars and comments. Companies benefit from this additional function, which enables your customers to rate the shopping experience quantitatively with stars and qualitatively with short comments. The feedback box also allows you to collect ratings on-site in your shop. Take the opportunity to increase the reach of your company and get in touch with your customers.

Measure customer satisfaction easily with the feedback box from

Collect real-time customer feedback. Our feedback box allows you to measure how satisfied your customers are with your service. And installing the feedback box makes you one of the very first to show how satisfied your customers are via a star rating directly in your entry.

Feedback directly from your shop

Set up the feedback box in your company – for example, near the checkout. Your customers can spontaneously and anonymously share their feedback on the service they have just received via three simple buttons: positive, neutral or negative. This allows you to identify opportunities for improvement and offer your customers an even better service. 

Star rating displayed on and

The feedback received can be viewed almost instantly in the form of star ratings in your entries on and Several elements are combined to make it possible to combat misuse of the feedback box in a targeted manner. You will also receive a detailed weekly report on the feedback received. 

No installation and no cables required

There are no technical challenges. The feedback box is connected to Swisscom's LPN (Low Power Network), Switzerland's first network for the Internet of Things, so no conventional connection to the internet is required. The battery life is at least three years, depending on the reception quality. Note: the reception quality varies depending on the location and will be tested when the feedback box is set up.

"Many of our customers inform themselves of our location, opening hours, etc. via, Google, etc. Good ratings help us to paint a positive overall picture."

Roman Oberholzer, Managing Director Och Sport

Greater visibility in search engines as well

Rated company entries are viewed more often: an analysis of restaurant ratings on found that businesses offering a ratings function enjoy 76 percent more visits than ones that don’t.

The latest star ratings from are also increasingly displayed on Google's results page, which gives your company additional visibility. 

Tips for handling comments on your entry will notify you as soon as your business receives a comment so that you can publicly respond to it. We recommend that you address comments individually and avoid using set phrases.

Regard a critical comment as an opportunity to clarify questions and put forward your business’s own point of view. Writing a response shouldn’t take up more than five minutes of your time.

Optional: companies that don't want customers to be able to rate their company entry on despite all the advantages can unsubscribe at any time by email:

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