SWISS LIST – The essential presence for every SME

SWISS LIST is the cost-effective, entry-level product for all SMEs looking to keep up with the times – the essential presence for every SME that wants to remain competitive online.

80% of consumers look for information online before they go to a shop in person.  For your business, success starts with being found online.  In addition to optimal rankings in the search results and a convincing profile on the major online platforms in Switzerland, you need to ensure that the most important map and navigation systems feature your correct address and the right opening hours.  This is precisely what SWISS LIST offers you.

With SWISS LIST, you benefit from the strongest directories in Switzerland, and, as well as profiles on the two most important search engines: Google and Bing.

SWISS LIST – a strong presence on the most important online platforms

Greater presence

Improved rankings and optimal presentation on Google, Bing, and

Centralised control

Personal Customer Centre for the centralised control of your profile. The profile can be updated at any time at no charge.

More details

Improved rankings and findability in search engines and on online platforms thanks to complete and uniform information

What our customers say about SWISS LIST

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The SWISS LIST products


Uniform publication of your company profile on,, Google and Bing.                              

from CHF 5 monthly

  • Publication of your company profile on Google, Bing, and
  • Improved rankings and optimal presentation on these search engines and platforms
  • Improved findability on the web


Uniform presence on,, Google and Bing, as well as in navigation systems and map services.

from CHF 32.50 monthly

  • Publication of your company profile on Google, Bing, and
  • Improved rankings and optimal presentation on these search engines and platforms
  • Improved findability on the web

Additional benefits of SWISS LIST Standard:

  • Publication of your profile on the most important map services such as Apple Maps and Google Maps
  • Publication of your company contact details on the navigation systems of over 38 car brands
  • Publication of your website on all platforms

SWISS LIST products in comparison

Frequently asked questions and answers

With SWISS LIST, will I still appear in the phone book?

Yes, with SWISS LIST, you can still be found in the printed directory (localGUIDE).

I already have a Google MyBusiness profile. Do I really need SWISS LIST?

With SWISS LIST, you appear not only on Google but also on, and Bing. Moreover, if you need to change your company details, you save time with SWISS LIST. In your personal Customer Centre, you can manage and edit your company details at any time for all online platforms – centrally and free of charge. Your profile will then be updated automatically on Google MyBusiness and all other platforms.

What does it mean to appear on Google and Bing with SWISS LIST?

With SWISS LIST, we create a business listing for you on Google and Bing. This gives you greater control over what information is shown on Google and Bing, as well as Google Maps, when people search for your company. Moreover, these listings ensure that your company details are displayed more prominently and are additionally highlighted following search requests on these platforms. You can conveniently manage your company details for all platforms through your personal localsearch Customer Centre. Changes made in the Customer Centre are automatically applied across all platforms.

What does “greater reach” or “optimised reach” mean?

“Greater reach” means that you reach a higher number of potential customers than before, thanks to SWISS LIST. With SWISS LIST, your company details are published on more online platforms. And that’s why you will also be found by more customers.

What does “improved rankings” mean?

“Improved rankings” means that your company details appear higher up in the search results.

What does “cross-platform” mean?

If you change your company details in the Customer Centre, these changes are applied uniformly on all platforms on which SWISS LIST publishes your company details (e.g., as well as Google and Bing). This means that the changes are adopted, and the details updated, across all platforms.

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