Adver­tis­ing Guidelines


Aim of the guidelines

These guide­lines define the per­mit­ted con­tent of adver­tis­ing and oth­er con­tent in the direc­to­ries and online plat­forms of Swiss­com Direc­to­ries AG (here­inafter referred to as «localsearch»).

The guide­lines exclude con­tent that con­tra­venes applic­a­ble law or the gen­er­al terms and con­di­tions of busi­ness of localsearch.


The applic­a­ble law and the prin­ci­ples and restric­tions in con­nec­tion with con­tent set out in our gen­er­al terms and con­di­tions of busi­ness serve as the min­i­mum require­ment of these guide­lines. In addi­tion, the fol­low­ing prin­ci­ples apply:

Entries/​advertising for erot­ic ser­vices are per­mit­ted (escort ser­vices, mas­sage salons, etc.) Restric­tions: the applic­a­ble law must be com­plied with (e.g. Art. 197 of the Swiss Crim­i­nal Code con­cern­ing pro­hib­it­ed pornog­ra­phy). All con­tent must be G‑rated, that is to say nudi­ty (depic­tion of pri­ma­ry and sec­ondary sex­u­al char­ac­ter­is­tics), per­sons in sala­cious pos­es and sex­u­al provo­ca­tion (also of a tex­tu­al nature) are not permitted.
Adver­tis­ing for games of chance (includ­ing online) is only per­mis­si­ble sub­ject to the pre­req­ui­site that a licence for Switzer­land exists and the Lot­ter­ies Act is com­plied with.
Adver­tis­ing for polit­i­cal con­tent and cam­paigns is per­mit­ted. Restric­tion: adver­tis­ing with rad­i­cal polit­i­cal con­tent is not per­mit­ted – this con­cerns, among oth­er things, the points below on the sub­ject of discrimination.

The fol­low­ing are pro­hib­it­ed as a mat­ter of principle:

Adver­tis­ing for ille­gal prod­ucts and services
Adver­tis­ing for fraud­u­lent busi­ness mod­els (e.g. pyra­mid schemes)
Adver­tis­ing that incites or depicts vio­lence or crim­i­nal actions
Adver­tis­ing that dis­crim­i­nates against peo­ple on the basis of cer­tain char­ac­ter­is­tics (e.g. race, disability/​health, reli­gion and ide­ol­o­gy, sex­u­al pref­er­ence, gen­der identity)
Adver­tis­ing with rad­i­cal reli­gious content
The dis­sem­i­na­tion of false information

Restric­tion for adver­tis­ing in print­ed prod­ucts and for online banners

The fol­low­ing addi­tion­al restric­tions apply to adver­tis­ing on the cov­er pages of our print­ed prod­ucts and for large-scale adver­tis­ing on our por­tals that is not bound by con­text when shown: all adver­tis­ing con­tent with ref­er­ence to sex­u­al and erot­ic ser­vices as well as games of chance are not per­mit­ted in these areas.

Entry into force and changes to the guidelines

These guide­lines enter into force on 1 Jan­u­ary 2020 and replace all pre­vi­ous reg­u­la­tions. localsearch reserves the right to amend these guide­lines at any time.

Swiss­com Direc­to­ries AG, Jan­u­ary 2020