Advertising Guidelines


Aim of the guidelines

These guidelines define the permitted content of advertising and other content in the directories and online platforms of Swisscom Directories AG (hereinafter referred to as «localsearch»).

The guidelines exclude content that contravenes applicable law or the general terms and conditions of business of localsearch.


The applicable law and the principles and restrictions in connection with content set out in our general terms and conditions of business serve as the minimum requirement of these guidelines. In addition, the following principles apply:

  • Entries/advertising for erotic services are permitted (escort services, massage salons, etc.) Restrictions: the applicable law must be complied with (e.g. Art. 197 of the Swiss Criminal Code concerning prohibited pornography). All content must be G‑rated, that is to say nudity (depiction of primary and secondary sexual characteristics), persons in salacious poses and sexual provocation (also of a textual nature) are not permitted.
  • Advertising for games of chance (including online) is only permissible subject to the prerequisite that a licence for Switzerland exists and the Lotteries Act is complied with.
  • Advertising for political content and campaigns is permitted. Restriction: advertising with radical political content is not permitted – this concerns, among other things, the points below on the subject of discrimination.

The following are prohibited as a matter of principle:

  • Advertising for illegal products and services
  • Advertising for fraudulent business models (e.g. pyramid schemes)
  • Advertising that incites or depicts violence or criminal actions
  • Advertising that discriminates against people on the basis of certain characteristics (e.g. race, disability/health, religion and ideology, sexual preference, gender identity)
  • Advertising with radical religious content
  • The dissemination of false information

Restriction for advertising in printed products and for online banners

The following additional restrictions apply to advertising on the cover pages of our printed products and for large-scale advertising on our portals that is not bound by context when shown: all advertising content with reference to sexual and erotic services as well as games of chance are not permitted in these areas.

Entry into force and changes to the guidelines

These guidelines enter into force on 1 January 2020 and replace all previous regulations. localsearch reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time.

Swisscom Directories AG, January 2020

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