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Our customer Jenja Roman Doerig, Zürcher Brockenhaus

digitalPLUS – Advertise where Switzerland is doing business

With digitalPLUS, you can advertise precisely where Switzerland is doing business. Your exclusive advertising will appear whenever products and services like yours are searched for, and always in particularly eye-catching ad spots. Impossible to overlook!

digitalPLUS at a glance

Advertise on and

  • Regions and sectors

    Choose from a range of regions and sectors when deciding which target group should see your ads.

  • Accurately position your ads

    Advertise where potential customers in Switzerland are searching for, finding and booking the services that you offer.

  • Exclusive advertising presence

    Thanks to a limited number of ad spaces, you enjoy an exclusive advertising presence on and

  • Personal Customer Centre – Access your personal Customer Centre to make your own modifications and updates.
  • No waste coverage – Thanks to the targeted selection of regions and sectors, you can be sure that your ads will only be shown to your desired target groups.

digitalPLUS simply explained in 2 minutes

Advertise where it really counts

digitalPLUS mit und

Your individual digitalPLUS package

digitalPLUS comprises two main elements: the region and sector in which you want your advertising to appear, and the ad format that you choose. Our customer advisors will be happy to provide expert advice on selecting the right product.

  • Classic display advertising

    to increase awareness

    Branchen und Regionen digitalPLUS
    The choice of region and sector depends on your type of business and your catchment area. A distinction is made between regions and sectors with high, medium and low search volumes. The higher the search volume in your specific sector and region, the more frequently your ads can be displayed and the more prospective customers you can reach with your advertising.

  • High-quality advertising that stands out

    In-read Ads

    IN-READ-AD digitalPLUS

    • Extreme­ly eye-catch­ing, large-scale and high-qual­i­ty adver­tis­ing on web pages
    • Adver­tis­ing that attracts atten­tion but is not dis­tract­ing for users
    • Ide­al for larg­er busi­ness­es that want to stand out and raise their profile
  • Trusted ads with improved advertising impact

    Native Ads 

    NATIVE-ADS digitalPLUS

    • Designed to match the style of search results, allow­ing the adver­tis­ing to blend in and thus be per­ceived as more trust­wor­thy than tra­di­tion­al advertising
    • Improved adver­tis­ing impact through greater user interaction
  • Classic display advertising for increased visibility

    Banner Ads

    BANNER-ADS digitalPLUS

    • Clas­sic dis­play advertising
    • Indi­vid­ual image and text design
    • Per­fect for busi­ness­es that want to raise their profile
Our advisers will be happy to help you choose the right package to suit your needs. Free consultation

Discover digitalPLUS now

Discover in the brochure what else digitalPLUS can do and how easy it is for you to advertise exactly where it pays off!

  • Advertise where Switzerland is doing business
  • Your benefits with digitalPLUS
  • digitalPLUS at a glance
  • digitalPLUS packages
  • Just a few steps to advertising that pays off

Success through digitalPLUS: That's what our customers say

  • «digitalPLUS places the Zürcher Brockenhaus high in searches on and, often even at the top - an optimal way to gain new, valuable customers.»
    Zürcher Brockenhaus, Jenja Roman Doerig
  • «As a restaurant, it is especially important to be found and to stand out. With digitalPLUS, our restaurant is seen in the right light and stands out, especially on This brings us a steady stream of new diners, some of whom then become regulars.»
    Restaurant Don Carlos, Belén Seren
  • «Through our eye-catching advertising on and, we raise our profile and our customers know where to go in an emergency. In addition it helps us to generate important donations for our work.»
    Zürcher Tierschutz, Rommy Los
  • digitalPLUS Mattia Farina
    «With digitalPLUS we advertise where people look for and book our offer. The Swiss solution is tailored to our needs.»
    Arboswiss , Mattia Farina
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  • digitalPLUS – Advertise where Switzerland is doing business

    With dig­i­talPLUS, you can adver­tise pre­cise­ly where Switzer­land is doing busi­ness. Your exclu­sive adver­tis­ing will appear when­ev­er prod­ucts and ser­vices like yours are searched for, and always in par­tic­u­lar­ly eye-catch­ing ad spots. Impos­si­ble to overlook!

  • digitalONE – the package for your SME’s success

    It has nev­er been so essen­tial for you as an SME to be found, booked and rat­ed on the most impor­tant online plat­forms. And it’s nev­er been so easy to achieve: Our new and unique dig­i­talONE solu­tion pro­vides you with an online pres­ence where it real­ly counts.

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