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localsearch, is the leading marketing and advertising partner for Swiss SMEs, operating well-known B2C directory platforms. Localsearch’s product portfolio helps businesses to be found online, acquire new customers, and retain them in the long term. With simple and effective online marketing solutions, on-site expert advice, and an attractive price-performance ratio, localsearch contributes to the success of Swiss SMEs in the digital world.

In addition, localsearch manages and markets local.ch and search.ch, the most widely used directory and booking platforms in Switzerland. With both platforms, localsearch reaches 2.7 million people or one in four Swiss residents (Source: Mediapulse Online Audience Data, H2 2022). local.ch and search.ch are among the most popular apps in Switzerland. The localsearch brand portfolio also includes renovero, the largest Swiss craftsman platform, the community and association platform Localcities, and the industry comparison service Vergleich CH.

localsearch, local.ch, search.ch, renovero, Localcities, and Vergleich CH are trademarks of Swisscom Directories AG. Swisscom Directories AG is 100% owned by Swisscom AG.

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Executive Board

Geschäftsleitung Thomas Wiechert
Dr. Thomas Wiechert Chief Operations Officer
Roland Hunn Chief Financial Officer
Irène Dumas Chief Marketing Officer
John Lee Chief Strategy and New Business Officer
Francesco Verrienti Chief Sales Officer
Monia Vidi Chief Human Resources Officer
Robert Ferenc Chief Product Officer
Reto Matter Chief Technology Officer

Our history

localsearch (Swisscom Directories AG) has its roots in the printed telephone directory

The success story of the information service local.ch and the Swiss search engine search.ch began with the internet boom in the early 2000s. Since July 1, 2015, local.ch and search.ch have been united under the legal umbrella of localsearch (Swisscom Directories AG). Today, the 100% subsidiary of Swisscom is the leading marketing partner for Swiss SMEs, providing services and solutions that ensure the success of SMEs in the digital world.

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