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MyCAMPAIGNS – Online advertising tailored for SMEs

With MyCAMPAIGNS, you can advertise where your customers are online: Google, Facebook, Instagram and Switzerland’s most important news websites. Through the optimal display of ads, we ensure the maximum number of new customers, while you can follow the results in real time with your personal customer report. We create your advertising media – professional and free of charge. It’s never been easier to attract customers online. Start now and let the Internet do the work for you!

Your benefits with MyCAMPAIGNS

MyCAMPAIGNS – It’s never been easier to attract customers online

  • Advertise where your customers are online

    Whether on Google, Facebook, Instagram or the most important news websites, your advertising is displayed exactly where your customers are spending their time online – for maximum impact.

  • Find new customers online the easy way

    Our intelligent technology means that your campaign is continuously optimised. In this way, we ensure the maximum number of new customers for your business – best possible campaign results guaranteed.

  • Verifiable success

    Using your personal customer report, you can track the growing number of new customers in real time – full transparency 24/7.

  • Full Service – we take care of everything, from the professional creation of your advertising to optimisation and success measurement.
  • Fixed price – packages to suit from just CHF 400. monthly (plus one-time setup fee).
  • Free ad creation included – in your personal brand design and appearance.

MyCAMPAIGNS simply explained in less than 2 minutes (German)

The right package for everyone

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Advertise where your customers are online

  • Advertise on Google

    We create Google ads on your behalf for all relevant products and services offered by your business. We provide you with an optimal keyword list so that ads are only shown on Google for precisely matching search queries. This ensures that your ads are only shown to people who are genuinely interested in your business.

  • Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

    We create tailored image and video ads for the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. To ensure that your ads are seen, we play your advertising in the news feed as well as on Facebook and Instagram stories. Based on your activity, we select the target group that is relevant for you, meaning that you always reach the right people.

  • Advertise on news websites

    We create high-quality banner ads for you in all the common formats, including a video. All ads are played exclusively on a specifically selected network of high-quality news websites. Based on your website and market segment, we determine which target groups your advertising should be displayed to.

Discover MyCAMPAIGNS now

The flyer will show you what else MyCAMPAIGNS can do and how easy it is for you to attract new customers!

  • Your benefits with MyCAMPAIGNS
  • Packages
  • digitalPLUS – Advertise where Switzerland is doing business

    With dig­i­talPLUS, you can adver­tise pre­cise­ly where Switzer­land is doing busi­ness. Your exclu­sive adver­tis­ing will appear when­ev­er prod­ucts and ser­vices like yours are searched for, and always in par­tic­u­lar­ly eye-catch­ing ad spots. Impos­si­ble to overlook!

  • digitalONE – the package for your SME’s success

    It has nev­er been so essen­tial for you as an SME to be found, booked and rat­ed on the most impor­tant online plat­forms. And it’s nev­er been so easy to achieve: Our new and unique dig­i­talONE solu­tion pro­vides you with an online pres­ence where it real­ly counts.

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