Effective and close communication within communities and municipalities is becoming more important all the time. People are happier and more satisfied when local authorities and municipalities can communicate in a manner that is clear, direct and up-to-date. Localcities is the ideal platform for building a strong online presence for your local community. Showcase everything that your municipality has to offer and what’s on in the region, all in a manner that’s modern and easy to understand, and with a minimum of effort.

Localcities - your benefits at a glance:

  • Municipality profile

    Over 2,000 municipalities in Switzerland

    Over 2,000 Swiss municipalities are represented on Localcities

  • Municipality website

    The showcase and noticeboard for your community

    With a municipality website from Localcities, you get an all-in-one package that meets your precise needs

  • Municipality App

    Findable on mobile - the Localcities app

    Reduce effort and expenditure by making use of the latest technologies such as the Localcities Municipality App.

  • Increased visibility and greater reach
    Improved ranking for your municipality profile on search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Working together in dialogue
    Digital services from your municipality: Focusing on local needs
  • HOutstanding usability
    Clear and intuitive to use with relevant content that’s easy to find

Discover Localcities

Good local communication within communities is becoming more important all the time. Municipalities that can communicate directly and clearly with local people are helping ensure that everyone stays informed and happy. Localcities enables exactly this – a strong online presence for your municipality.

The benefits for you: Communicate easily and straightforwardly with local people and showcase everything that’s happening and available in your municipality.

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