Review Guidelines

Ratings that are supported

  • Share your positive experience with a company. This helps other users make their decisions and rewards each company for their efforts.
  • Write constructively and factually, even if something didn’t go so well. Such reviews are more meaningful and credible.

Reviews that are rejected

  • Please keep in mind that we only publish reviews that comply with our guidelines. Therefore, we ask you to observe the following rules.
  • Inappropriate language

    Please avoid inappropriate language such as racist or sexist comments or profanity. These are not necessary to share your experience.

  • Negative personal comments

    Please refrain from personal remarks about a specific person or an easily identifiable person. These will not be published as they are not relevant for other users.

  • Non-Constructive feedback

    When something went wrong, please explain what happened. Comments that do not explain what went wrong will be rejected (for example, “it was bad”). Make sure you specify why something wasn’t good, such as “it was bad because the food was cold”.

  • Irrelevant information

    Please avoid irrelevant information in your review. Any review that contains the following will be rejected:

    • links to other companies
    • job inquiries
  • COVID-19 related notes

    Please avoid statements about COVID-19. COVID-19-related behaviour is not one of the long-term criteria against which a company should be evaluated.

  • Confusing/Inconsistent reviews

    Please keep in mind that the number of stars corresponds to your experience with the company: 1 star represents a bad experience, 5 stars represents a very good experience.
    Reviews where the number of stars and the feedback contradict each other will be rejected, for example, a good review with 1 star or a bad review with 5 stars.
  • Self rating

    Self-assessments will not be published and we kindly ask every company to refrain from doing so. It is much more satisfying and honest to hear from your customers how satisfied they were.

  • Fraud

    Fraudulent behaviour is condemned and any review that seeks to promote a specific business or discredit competitors is therefore rejected.

You can find our terms and conditions of use here.


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