digitalONE – Everything included for the success of your SME

digitalONE – #found, #booked, #liked

digitalONE is the first product on the Swiss market to combine all of your online needs in a single solution. In this one product you get:


an SME profile (address, opening times, pictures, etc.) so that you can be found on all of the important online platforms


a free online tool that enables your customers to book you online 


a free and mobile-optimised website that shows you the most important information about your SME at a glance


central management of online reviews (optional) so that you can respond quickly to customer feedback

You benefit from a standout presence - your business can be found everywhere online and can be booked and rated any time. It’s straightforward with no prior knowledge required and includes free consultation.

digitalONE simply explained in less than 3 minutes

3 packages, many possibilities

The ideal starter package

Already from CHF 58/month


Company details ♦♦

  • Description, opening hours, logo 
  • Links (e.g. to website, booking tool)


  • 4 online platforms
  • 8 navigation systems

Categories: 3

Ranking: Group 3 ( / Ranking Boost Low (




Included free of charge

  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Online booking tool

The practical standard package

 Already from CHF 150/month 

Company details 

  • Description, opening hours, logo 
  • Links (e.g. to website, booking tool)
  • Photos


  • 16 online platforms
  • 8 navigation systems

Categories: 5

Ranking: Group 2 ( / Ranking Boost Mid (

TelLink (

Included free of charge

  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Online booking tool

The comprehensive professional package

Already from CHF 308/month 


Company details 

  • Description, opening hours, logo
  • Links (e.g. to website, booking tool)
  • Photos
  • Products and services
  • Background and panorama image
  • Video


  • 34 online platforms, incl. social media
  • 9 navigation systems

Categories: 7

Ranking: Group 1 ( / Ranking Boost High (

TelLink Boost (

Highlighting on and

Included free of charge

  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Online booking tool

Here you will find an overview of all digitalONE platforms (reach).

 Attractive additional options – everything is possible

Would you like to reach out to more customers, engage with them better or have your online presence optimised by our experts? Then we have the right additional services for you:

Social reputation management

Monitor and respond to your ratings – all done centrally and at a glance.

Geographical range booster

Take advantage of an expansion of the geographical catchment area so that you’ll be found by even more customers.

Profile optimisation

Let experts optimise your online presence: you’ll be even easier to find (search engine optimisation) and presented more attractively in social networks.

Greater reach for tradespeople

With digitalONE, you are also listed in “renovero”, the largest Swiss directory for tradespeople, where you can be found by all those who are looking for your skills.

Discover digitalONE now:

We’re extremely proud that these SMEs vouch for digitalONE

“Shortly after starting with digitalONE, I welcomed my first customers who had found me via and Google.”

Mägi Alder, owner of “Herzblueme”, Wittenbach SG

“Before I can beautify, take care of and pamper my customers, they have to find their way to me. Thanks to digitalONE, I have already gained the attention of quite a lot of new customers.”

Nicole Kämpfen, cosmetician and owner of “touchée – Gespür für Haut”, Bern

“With digitalONE, we were able to increasingly attract customers online, who then visited us at our showroom in Crissier.”

Roger Ottinger, Head of Finstral Architect Service, Crissier

More than 100 satisfied customers per day!

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