MyCAMPAIGNS – professional Facebook campaigns

Do you want to attract more customers on Facebook, share news and increase awareness of your company, but you don’t know how or just don’t have time? With MyCAMPAIGNS, we create professional Facebook campaigns as part of a comprehensive solution: from advice and creation, to campaign optimisation and discussion of the results, you get a one-stop solution, even for small budgets from CHF 650.

‘The advice, service and implementation from local search were great. MyCAMPAIGNS offers good value for money so we use it as an alternative to our other campaigns. I’m happy to recommend MyCAMPAIGNS from localsearch.’ 

Excellent Personal AG, Mathias Deck

MyCAMPAIGNS – professional Facebook campaigns managed by localsearch.

Comprehensive support

Advice, creation, campaign optimisation and discussion of the results – all as a one-stop solution.

Professional creation

Your professional campaign is created by our social media experts, but you retain control and approve the campaign once you are satisfied.

Guaranteed reach

Regular contact with your target group is guaranteed with your campaign (eight times per month on average).


MyCAMPAIGNS offer at a glance

Time savings and professionalism: localsearch creates your campaign and provides comprehensive support throughout

Advertise on Facebook, the most popular social media channel

Achieve a guaranteed reach and multiple contacts in your target group and receive a performance record

Create demand among your target group (age, gender, location, interest) in an inspiring way

Promote customer dialogue and distribution of your content through likes, comments and shares

Achieve effective results (e.g. online booking, voucher codes, etc.) 

Take the opportunity to use seasonal advertising


Effective campaigns are possible even with a small budget

From CHF 650

Why Facebook?

3.84 million Swiss users

This makes Facebook the most popular social media platform in Switzerland and a modern advertising channel for SMEs (source: bernetblog)

Precise user targeting

Facebook enables especially effective targeted advertising for SMEs thanks to specific user targeting (age, gender, place of residence, interests).

Win new customers

Your advertising message connects with the selected target group – in an inspiring way.

Increased awareness

You can advertise your business, your offers or your event on Facebook with relevant images and powerful text. You can therefore increase awareness of your business and attract the attention of potential customers.

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