localsearch (Swisscom Directories Ltd), the leading digital agency for Swiss SMEs and operator of local.ch and search.ch, has acquired the SME service provider Websheep GmbH and its platforms fahrlehrervergleich.ch, zahnarztvergleich.ch, anwaltvergleich.ch, treuhandvergleich.ch and coiffeurvergleich.ch with immediate effect.

Since 2005, Websheep has successfully specialised in the development and management of niche platforms. Stefano Santinelli, CEO of localsearch: ‘With the acquisition of Websheep, we are expanding our range to include five well-established business directories. In conjunction with our existing products, such as the MyCOCKPIT appointment booking solution and local.ch, the largest Swiss booking platform, these directories will form a strong addition to our product portfolio.’

The Websheep range is characterised by its deep industry penetration. It includes basic contact data for almost every provider in each sector it covers. This makes the platforms very attractive to many users searching for companies and service providers. SMEs benefit from this with an individual presence which can be expanded to include photos, links, prices and more.

‘The platforms have been experiencing solid traffic for years. We will make them even stronger in the future, further increasing the added value of an entry for SMEs,’ says Santinelli. What’s more, ‘As the leading digital agency for Swiss SMEs, we have a vital interest in the economic success of our customers. With Websheep’s comparison platforms, we can provide them with an additional tool for achieving this success’.

The acquisition by localsearch (Swisscom Directories Ltd) will not change anything for existing Websheep customers.