digitalPLUS – Advertise where Switzerland is doing business

Advertise where it really counts is the Swiss No. 1 for finding telephone numbers and detailed information on companies and services.

Localcities is Switzerland’s most attractive and most up-to-date platform for municipalities. With a wide range of information on offer, Localcities promotes municipal life and enables SMEs, public authorities, associations and educational institutions to present themselves to local communities and interact with them.

renovero is Switzerland’s leading platform for tradespeople – the easy way to connect qualified tradespeople with clients! offers detailed business information and helpful functions including travel and leisure planners, public transport timetables and tickets, as well as weather information.

The 55 comparison platforms encompass over 140,000 providers from a wide range of sectors. Users can compare providers and contact them directly thanks to detailed contact information and service catalogues, including prices, pictures and reviews.

*Source: 2019 GfK study on the use of directory media

**Currently, and are included in digitalPLUS. From 2022 onwards, renovero, the comparison platforms (e.g. and Localcities will also be covered by your advertising, provided that the context of the platforms fits your industry.

2.5 million mediated interactions every month

4 million unique users per month

1.5 million app users

1 million business entries

 50,000 bookable service providers

digitalPLUS at a glance

Advertise on Switzerland’s largest search, booking and comparison platforms
Advertise where potential customers in Switzerland are searching for, finding and booking their service providers
Exclusive advertising presence thanks to a limited number of ad slots
Professional ad creation included
No waste coverage
Advertise on desktop, tablet, mobile and in the apps
Choose the regions that are relevant to your business
Choose the sectors that are relevant to your business
Access to the Customer Center makes changes easy

digitalPLUS simply explained in 2 minutes

Your individual digitalPLUS package

digitalPLUS comprises two main elements: the region and sector in which you want your advertising to appear, and the ad format that you choose. Our customer advisors will be happy to provide expert advice on selecting the right product.

Region and sector

The choice of region and sector depends on your type of business and your catchment area. A distinction is made between regions and sectors with high, medium and low search volumes. The higher the search volume in your specific sector and region, the more frequently your ads can be displayed and the more prospective customers you can reach with your advertising.

Ad format

You can freely choose from the following ad formats:

In-read ads – high-quality advertising that stands out

  • Extremely eye-catching, large-scale and high-quality advertising on web pages

  • Advertising that attracts attention but is not distracting for users

  • Ideal for larger businesses that want to stand out and raise their profile

Native ads – trusted ads with improved advertising impact

  • Designed to match the style of search results, allowing the advertising to blend in and thus be perceived as more trustworthy than traditional advertising

  • Improved advertising impact through greater user interaction

Banner ads – classic display advertising for increased visibility

  • Classic display advertising

  • Individual image and text design

  • Perfect for businesses that want to raise their profile

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Proud results:
This SME can vouch for the success of advertising on localsearch platforms.

«Through our eye-catching advertising on and, we raise our profile and our customers know where to go in an emergency. In addition it helps us to generate important donations for our work.»

Rommy Los, Zürcher Tierschutz

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