MyLOCALINA DinoFanelli Restaurant Lötschberg
Our customer Dino Fanelli, Restaurant Lötschberg

Dino Fanelli

«With MyLOCALINA, we have our reservations under control – and save a lot of time. Guests also appreciate this convenient service.»

Your satisfaction is our motivation – This is what our customers say

  • Alessandra Cappelletti
    «An online shop is a must for our wine business today. With MyCOMMERCE, we were able to create it easily and according to our needs.»
    Vini Cappelletti, Alessandra Cappelletti
  • «MyCOMMERCE is ideal for eCommerce beginners with no in-depth technical knowledge.»
    C. Varonier und Söhne AG, Andy Varonier
  • «I trust MyCOMMERCE completely, because I know that the product epitomises Swiss quality.»
    Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale (STMZ), Bernadette Christen
  • «I’ve known renovero for 12 years. I am very satisfied with renovero as it is simple and well structured.»
    Bruno Korell Malergeschäft, Bruno Korell
  • «Many of my clients want to book their appointments online. I offer them this possibility with MyCOCKPIT – it’s really easy. This way, I meet my clients’ expectations and am kept busy by presenting myself as a modern company. That ensures my success.»
    Gwen Kosmetik, Gwen Gullotta
  • «The MyLOCALINA app makes it easier to handle daily operations and also makes booking easier for our customers»
    Casa Ferlin, Franz Ferlin
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