In Esther Pachmann’s physio practice, “being active” is celebrated in all areas: With a combination of active and passive forms of therapy, Esther’s team achieves very good results with their patients. They also leave nothing to chance when it comes to their online presence. They maintain their website regularly. Thanks to a business entry on, the practice can be found quickly and easily by doctors and patients on the internet.

localsearch: What makes PHYSIOPRAXIS USTER unique?

We combine active with passive forms of therapy whenever possible. This combination has proven very successful, as we have noticed that we achieve better results when patients actively contribute to the healing process. For us, of course, the patient is the centre of attention. That is why we look at which treatment method is the most suitable for the patient’s particular complaint, especially at the beginning.

localsearch: Can you treat all complaints?

Yes, because our physiotherapists regularly attend further training courses and specialise in different areas of treatment. This allows us to offer a wide range of therapies, which can be used to treat many types of complaints. For example, we can treat painful tennis elbow with shock wave therapy, which leads to faster healing. However, we are also happy to refer patients to other physio practices if they are particularly specialised in a treatment method and the patient’s healing process can be accelerated as a result.

localsearch: How did you treat your patients during the lockdown?

The lockdown completely turned our everyday life upside down. After all, our work requires physical contact with our patients. So we had to think quickly about how we could continue to treat our patients. As a solution, we introduced video consultation. This allowed us to treat our patients via video call without them having to leave their homes. Of course, video appointments cannot replace all forms of physiotherapy. But they have at least been enough to set up a home exercise programme for the patients, to check home exercises or to do further physiotherapy consultations or to clarify medical questions. We were positively surprised at how well this offer was received by our patients. After all, there are many patients who are very happy that they can save themselves the trip to us. It is therefore clear to us that we will keep this form of counselling.

localsearch: Why did you decide to list your practice on

We have noticed that many doctors and patients specifically search for physiotherapies on Doctors are careful to choose the most suitable practice for their patients. After all, they want their patients to be in good hands. Since we have many good reviews on and have a wide range of therapies, they often refer their patients to us.