Ornella Lo Giusto’s heart is always with her guests and she already has one foot in the future. The owner of Restaurant Samses has already made the transition from travel agency to an international restaurant. Ornella is innovative. She does not oppose the changing times, on the contrary: she uses her possibilities to make her guests full and happy even in adverse times – with the online shop MyCOMMERCE.

localsearch: What does the SamSeS offer its guests?

Ornella: We are a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that has already existed for 15 years in Zurich near the Limmatplatz. Our guests can choose their dishes classically à la carte or take advantage of the offer from the buffet. Our chef Katarina “Kati”, who has been cooking for us with love for more than 10 years, is responsible for the delicious creations.


localsearch: “Times are changing”, but putting your hands in your lap is not an option, is it?

Ornella: Since we had to close temporarily due to federal requirements, we were forced to rethink and therefore decided to have an online shop. This way, guests can remain loyal to us and order from a reduced range, where we still guarantee enjoyment and quality.


localsearch: Why MyCOMMERCE in particular?

Ornella: I liked the online shop solution MyCOMMERCE at first sight and I started with a free offer. I liked it so much that I even upgraded to Starter to expand the options. This was the perfect solution because we deliberately didn’t want to have any unnecessary costs in this uncertain situation. The MyCOMMERCE product is very user-friendly and I had no problems creating the shop within a very short time. Uploading pictures, entering the products etc. is logically a bit time-consuming and it takes some time to get “into it” … but after that it works great!