Many shoes lead to the finish line, but only the right one helps you to win. If you want to get up and running, you can get good advice from the professionals in Switzerland’s oldest specialist running shop: Mario Simmen and his team from Wirth Sport.



When Switzerland learned to “run” 40 years ago

We have specialised in running, walking and hiking for 40 years. This is thanks to record runner and Wirth Sport founder Sepp Wirth. Back then, 23-year-old Sepp ran the 10,000-metre race in London, setting a fantastic Swiss record of 28.49.6 minutes. However, the many kilometres required for such an achievement have left their mark. As a result, he realised early on how important it is to lace up optimum running shoes on his feet. In 1979, Sepp and his wife Rita founded Switzerland’s first specialist running shop, as the running boom spread from America to Europe. And even back then, he devoted himself to analytical consulting. With his wealth of experience as a top athlete, a healthy dose of pioneering spirit and curiosity, the pair created a real gem in the sports retail trade for decades.


Why is the right footwear so important for running?

Every person has their own anatomy and history, which is why running shoe advice is so varied. The anatomical build and running gait are analysed for each customer and the optimum running shoe for the customer is adapted.


Which localsearch product do you use and what advantages does it bring you?

In the age of online shops, it is all the more important for specialist retailers that they can also be found online. Today, everyone uses their smartphone to look for something. With local Business BASIC and MyPRESENCE, we’re covered.


The customer uses localBUSINESS and MyPRESENCE, which are now combined under the product digitalONE.