From the first stroke to the last stitch, she creates tailor-made individuality: Angel-Eye has an eye for that certain something. And as small as her studio is, Yvonne Dadufalza’s creativity and passion for the creations of her discerning clientele are limitless.

What does your everyday life as a fashion designer look like?

The idea of my job is that I design your dream dress. Whether it’s for everyday wear or an evening dress, I offer it all. I’m very broad, because it’s also a very broad spectrum that you can cover as a designer. It starts with the first stroke, the design, and ends with the delivery. My clients include the business gentleman who needs a perfectly fitting suit, to the CEO lady, but also young brides who want to have their perfect wedding dress designed. If you are looking for a ladies tailor who will meet you where you are; be that in your own home, in the shop, between appointments, or here in the production studio, then you have come to the right place.


Was this your dream job?

When I realised that as a ballerina you retire at about 30, I had to tell myself that I had to do something that I could live off of a little longer. My second big wish was to become a designer. I always imagined that one day I would be self-employed. That was never a question. Since I was a child, I have always designed; I have designed clothes, I have drawn practically nothing else and I have always designed some kind of models. Diese Zeichnungen, sozusagen meine ersten Striche, hängen immer noch bei meinen Grosseltern an der Wand.


How do you find support for your business through localsearch?

I use MyCOCKPIT and MyWEBSITE because I was looking for a new provider and needed support. Besides my creative work, I don’t have the time to make sure that my website is always up to date. And so it’s very easy for me: I send a mail with my ideas and wishes and it is implemented subito. That’s great for me, because I’m found much better by the clientele and it’s also always easy with the online booking system. And just the way I manage now, with the 24 x7 service, it doesn’t matter if the clients make appointments online…I can enter all that in MyCOCKPIT and that’s a huge relief for me and certainly something that’s future-oriented for the clients. Because if you think about where you have to pick up the customer today, it’s clearly online, because online shopping is a big topic, as it has changed shopping behaviour a lot and with the step for the two products, it was definitely a step towards the future for me.