A dream came true for Sven Epting, because he turned his hobby, filming, into a career. He makes big films with his small team. Thanks to localsearch, the customer base is growing and at the same time their satisfaction with every exciting job.


How do you become a director and an entrepreneur at the same time?

I studied journalism, but filming has always fascinated me. More and more friends have asked me to make films for them, e.g. music videos and band portraits. Five years ago, I took the plunge and started my own business. I didn’t regret it. With my colleague Tamara, who is responsible for editing and motion design, we form an unbeatable team that doesn’t shy away from any production.


What do you love most about your job?

The variety. Every new shoot calls for a different approach. Making a commercial with kids is a completely different challenge than filming a documentary about climbing the Matterhorn. Which may mean that you have to endure the cold and high altitudes for days. Now don’t ask what’s more exhausting.

You just never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes the phone rings and we have to spontaneously go out for a shoot for a TV station. It’s just always exciting and varied.


To what extent does localsearch help you to be successful?

If you are looking for Filmzimmer online, you will find us at the top of the first page of the major search engines with pictures and videos. What more could an entrepreneur wish for? You usually only find this with large companies that pay a lot of money for it.


Tips for success by Sven

✓ Live your dream and share it with others.

✓ The way out of your comfort zone is the way to your goal.

✓ Sven + Tamara = endless possibilities