Application tips

Tips for a successful application

1. Be prepared

We have taken the time to study your dossier and would appreciate it if you could take the time to find out more about localsearch. We offer several ways for you to learn more about our culture, our solutions and our history. Use our website and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are given preparatory tasks for certain positions, it is important that you read up and prepare accordingly. Punctuality is as much a part of preparation as dressing correctly and maintaining a neat appearance.

2. Ask questions

During preparation, you will no doubt encounter points that are not entirely clear to you. Ask us these questions during the interview. Whether it’s about the job, the working environment or the terms of employment, we will be happy to answer your questions. Because we would also like to introduce ourselves to you for the best possible future work together. The interview is a way of getting to know each other.

3. Be yourself

We wish to get to know you in the course of the interview. So don’t play a role – be authentic and answer the questions as you see fit. Be focused and open, and dare a smile – interviews can be enjoyable too. Most of all, come with the intention of learning something new and of joining us on a shared mission. A good attitude is what we love.

If you’re nervous, no problem – that’s part of it. You can be who you are and we’re looking forward to meeting you.

4. Get to the point

Think in advance about what you would like to say. Keep your answers brief and concise, and get to the heart of what’s important to you.

Frequently asked questions

Want to apply but have more questions? You may find some of the answers you’re looking for below.

What can I do if I have questions about an advertisement or job?

We try to answer all questions in the job advertisement itself or on our website. If you have an important question not covered in the ad, feel free to contact us via our WhatsApp-Chat.

How long is a position open for me to apply?

As long as a position is advertised on the careers page, you can apply. We remove advertisements as soon as the vacancy is filled.

When speaking German, may I use the “du” form with my contact person on the telephone or during the interview?

If we address you with “du” in the job advertisement, you are very welcome to use the “du” form.

Where can I find information about the company? / Where can I find out more about the company?

You can find all the information about localsearch on our website, for example here.

How can I apply to localsearch?

Click on the “Apply now” button underneath the job advertisement that interests you. You can then start the application process and submit the required documents. You may also need to answer a few questions in advance.

Can I apply by post, email or social media?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process applications by post, email or social media. Documents submitted by post will also not be returned. We therefore kindly ask you to apply online.

Shall I consider it a rejection if I don’t hear anything for a while?

We will discuss the next steps with you in the recruiting process and let you know when you can expect a response. But sometimes our decision takes a little longer. If you do not hear from us within the agreed period, please do not hesitate to ask.

What documents should I submit?

A complete application includes an up-to-date CV, your letter of motivation and your most recent employment references. The more complete and meaningful your dossier, the easier it is for us to get an idea of you and your motivation for our specific position.

I’ve seen several positions that interest me. Can I apply for all of them?

We’re delighted if you are interested in more than one position. If several vacancies in external sales appeal to you, you do not need to apply for more than one region. We will check this in any case.

However, you are welcome to apply for two positions if there are different positions in other areas.

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